Mission Digestible

Role: programmer


Mission Digestible is a game designed to introduce high school biology students to the role of enzymes in metabolism and digestion. By switching between four key digestive enzymes including lipase, lactase, amylase, and trypsin, students learn which enzymes metabolize certain macromolecule nutrients.

Collaboration: Steve Hughes and kelly cloninger


Mission Digestible was developed in collaboration with asset developer Steve Hughes and UX/UI designer Kelly Cloninger using the Unity game development platform. The game is programmed to increase in difficulty as the player improves in order to reinforce understanding of enzymatic roles in digestion. An increased pace requires the player to quickly match the food targets with the correct enzyme with few mistakes. If too many food targets pass through the intestine without being metabolized, a game over message will inform the player on the impact of undigested foods on the body.

Bond Beyond was created to help biochemistry students learn the structure of the 20 common amino acids in the human body. Players collect the correct elements to build the amino acid's corresponding R group. The goal is to build the R groups for all 20 amino acids, and to become familiar with amino acid structure in the process.

Bond Beyond

Roles: UX/UI Designer, 

educational designer



Bond Beyond was developed in collaboration with asset developer Riley Jones and programmer Nova Hayes in Unity. The game was designed to reinforce several biochemical concepts including the basic structure of amino acids, effect of pH on amino acid structure through protonation and deprotonation, and three-letter and one-letter amino acid codes.

Collaboration: Riley Jones and nova Hayes