Publications and Research


Virtual Reality as a 3D Visualization Technique to Improve Surgeon Understanding of Aneurysm Anatomy

Master’s thesis examining the role of virtual reality in patient data visualization and pre-surgical planning and the relationships between visual-spatial ability, experience level, and perceived benefits of virtual reality visualization.


Comprehensive Healthcare Simulation: Neurosurgery

Contributing author on Chapter 20: Future of Visualization and Simulation in Neurosurgery.

This textbook provides an overview of the history and recent advancements of simulation in neurosurgery. Chapter 20 specifically explores the future of neurosurgical simulation, focusing on virtual and augmented reality, haptics-based simulations, and more.


The role of visualization and 3-D printing in biological data mining

Exploring the benefits of 3-D printing as a visualization tool for understanding the gene-gene interaction network for grey matter density, an endophenotype for late onset Alzheimer’s disease.